Why Bitcoin is the Toughest Bubble

There’s a lot to be said about this peculiar token, this world-embracing financial phenomenon. It’s not just a coin as you already realized, as it’s grabbing markets’ attention year to year, month to month, week to week. So, what makes it so unique? What makes it one of the biggest turmoils of the 21st century? And why it will eventually benefit its investors, despite its rapid ups and downs? Let’s check it out.

Market is Changing, Bitcoin Lasts

You can say a lot of things about bitcoin, but you can’t ignore its power. The world after 2008 was never the same again, as this technological breakthrough brought a new player to town, a main game changer. It’s not only about this token’s dynamic value, it’s much more than that. When the world was struck by this innovation, it was also washed with a mind-blowing, subversive economy, based on a decentralized computer system, which enables independent digital trade. This combination of technology and finance have created an entity which isn’t something people can ignore. These new times are contesting the ways of standard, familiar buying and selling operations. Cryptocurrencies, with Bitcoin at the top, are making history.

A Banner Year

2017 was a heck of a year for sir Bitcoin. January started with a bottom-low price of $1,000, then May came along with a whopping climb right to $2,000, soaring up to no less than $4,000 in following June, and then, came December. What was so WOW about this last month of 2017 you ask? Well, Bitcoin leaped all the way to $16K. That’s right, a 1,500% increase in asset value. How many other assets do you know that are realizing such a massive soar in such a short amount of time?

You Can Compare It to Gold Actually

You can say a lot about Bitcoin, even that it is a bubble. But hold on a minute, isn’t this something you can also say about gold? Think of it really, Gold & Bitcoin are similar in content. How? Well, gold maintains a firm hold over the financial market for centuries, but like Bitcoin (with a firm frenzy that holds the market), gold itself does not have a company which represents it, it does not give out dividends, it does not have quarterly earning reports published in financial magazines. This asset stands on its own, just like Bitcoin.

So, in light of the above, the question still rises – Why do investors keep putting their money in Gold/BTC? Simple. Because the price shows a reoccurring climb, times and times again. These assets may show fluctuations, but the overall trend is clear: You can always come back up the ladder with these two.

Why Bitcoin is a Good Investment

True, this mystery coin has its shakes, but if you take a wide look at the history and the dynamic economical behavior of it since it came to the market – you will realize that it always grows back, strong and fast. Look at what happened these past few days: BTC price went up to $8,240, as only a month ago it stood at $6,177. The dollar doesn’t soar like that, nor does the euro. So, all and all, the opportunities you have, as an investor, to gain from this cryptocurrency are multiple and lucrative.

Gain Revenues Trough Technology

Bitcoin wouldn’t be such a forceful financial power without the backing technology behind it. Just like the Dot.Com technological revolution swept the world in a flaming fire two decades ago, so does Blockchain starts now. Well, it has already started a decade ago actually. There will come that time, when blockchain technology will assimilate in the digital infrastructure of vast fields of subject, and even may be the technological basis of any online service platform. Bitcoin, as the first descendant of blockchain, may even be a main principle economic instrument, and the world of fiat will be the one that is fading out.

To Sum Up

Bitcoin is and will remain a highly beneficial equity for the long run, as past behavior proves us, again and again. Even after it’s smashed from time to time by a descent in price, it always reminds us its ability to bounce back, bounce high, bounce through the roof.