The Most Fantastic Ways to Lose Money Online

Enjoy losing money online? You’ve come to the right post. With little effort and zero brains, you too can become a certified loser. Just follow these fantastically terrible ideas, and we guarantee- you’ll be losing money in no time. On the other hand, if you’re one of those weird types whom actually enjoys earning money, we’ll even go out of our way and let you in on a tip for that.

The Internet is full of fantastic ways to lose money. Financial masochists all over the world connect online every day knowing they’ll become poorer if they participate in certain schemes. How lovely. So, if your true goal in life is to lose money, make sure to engage in one of the following:


Penny Auction Sites

Penny action sites are still very popular today. In a nutshell, Penny Auction sites will auction various products such as iPhones, tablets and other cool gadgets n’ stuff for ridiculously low starting prices.

Although the concept in itself is legit, it’s the basic consumer psychology that will get you every time. Thought you’d end up bidding $10 for the latest iPhone? Think again.

As a customer, you are required to purchase so-called bidding credits. Let’s say a credit costs $1. Each time you bid in an auction it’ll cost you 1 credit. If someone overbids you, you won’t get your credit back and will have to bid again in order to have a new chance at winning.

Now, imagine you and that granny from Sweden participating in a bid war with both of you placing more than 50 bids each. At this point no one wants to give up, as that would lead to the loss of the 50 credits and the entire $50. So the problem is that participating in an auction scheme such as this leads to people continuing to bid hoping that the other will give up and they can walk home with at least winning the auctioned item and not finishing empty handed. We ourselves would rather do much better things with our money, but again, we won’t judge you for enjoying to lose money.


Automatic Profit Software

When it comes to online trading, there are endless ways to scam you out of your money. But a good scam will always be done in a clever, convincing manner. It must also be convenient for you. The easier it is for you to seemingly make money, the more a fraud will succeed. The latest scam making its way into the trading market is Automatic Profit Software, promising quick n’ easy money while you sleep.

Automatic Profit Software are programs that claim to automate trading where traders can sleep through the night calmly knowing that their trades will be placed exactly at the times they designated. Sounds dreamy, right? More of a nightmare! Online trading companies back up the legitimacy of these robots with tremendous profits and lull the trader into a false sense of security only to end up broke. But hey, the companies producing trading robots often rely on very broad, small print disclaimers to keep them out of trouble after they fantastically lose your money. And since 99% of traders who purchase a robot end up asking for a refund, we’ll just say one thing- don’t even go there. Unless, of course, you enjoy losing money…


Get-Rich-Quick Gurus and Guides

The Internet is full of spectacular online websites that promise if you follow their methods you will be making a lot of money. It’s all great except for one small problem- you won’t make a cent. Because it’s always the same deal. These websites will require you to purchase something, a seminar, video course or e-book etc.

The creators of such content are indeed very wealthy, but it’s only because of financial masochists like you who purchase their courses. In short, the whole thing is a scam and you’ll just lose money if you buy into them. But wait, that’s why you’re here isn’t it?


 Stop Being a Masochist, Start Making Money!

At the start of the post we promised to let you in on a reputable and legit form of making money online, so here it is: self-financial investing. Over the past decade, independent financial investing has become the fastest growing investment method among millions of everyday investors. And for good reason, investing with regulated brokers will allow you not only to earn real profits, but also to do so with full transparency knowing your money is in safe hands, from your first deposit to final withdrawal.

To conclude, whether you’re a financial masochist or essentially enjoy making money, we hope we’ve given you enough good ways to just do it.