The Amateurs Who Are Making Millions

Trading the financial markets has long become “the people’s market”. Oxford business graduates and home wives alike are experiencing equal success in the $5 trillion a day market, all while making nice monthly profits, either as their main income or secondary. Think trading is still a marginal phenomenon? Read on. There’s even a very cool trading trick hiding inside.

How times have changed. Until recent years, the financial markets were the sole domain of slick haired, suit and tie so called economic experts whose only concern was which new car to buy- a BMW or Jaguar. Well, if you’ve looked around lately, you’re probably wondering how your neighbor, yeah, the one who barely graduated from community college, is affording his family’s mysteriously upgraded lifestyle, taking off to a new exotic destination every other month, or driving around in his new set of wheels. We know, it’s annoying as it is baffling.

Unlocking the floodgate to wealth


Well here’s the answer for you: online trading finally unlocked the floodgate to wealth. Today, online trading is everywhere. Anyone with 2 hours a week of spare time, a couple hundred dollars to invest, a computer and internet connection, can trade their favorite currency, stock or commodity and earn the same profit margin as any Wall Street slimeball, sorry, expert.


This week we spoke to a few new generation, amateur traders and heard about their experiences. Three people who seemingly have nothing in common, except for finding their way to new financial freedom and happiness, almost unimaginable until a few years ago.

I hear a lot in my cab”


Ryan Newman, Architect: “It truly excites me when my visions turn into reality. The same goes with my profits. When I started, I didn’t have a clue about financial trading. I opened an account, went over the learning material, and soon understood all I needed to invest. I started slow and safe, and today, 3 months after, I risk about $2000 a month, and end up with about $8000 a month in profit. I take out my profits about once every two weeks and trade with the balance. Even if you love your day job like me, I’m sure you’ll agree that earning more money each month is pretty awesome.”


Joshua Fletcher, Taxi Driver: “I hear a lot in my cab. And the moment I heard about financial trading, I knew this was my thing. As a driver, I literally live in the fast lane and not afraid to take the odd bump here and there. I love seeing my $100 or $200 investments turn into hundreds and even thousands of dollars, within the same day. Assessment, risk analysis, take profit. That’s the name of the game. I learned it all in about 3 days. Do I think about getting out of the markets? H*ll no! My only regret is that I didn’t start sooner.”


Yash Connor, Landscaper: “When I trade I usually use 1:100 leverage, meaning I “lend” capital from my broker. This allows me to trade 100 times more than I actually have, and of course the same goes for my profits. I’ll give you an example of how I turn $300 into $1500; You invest $300 in EUR/USD, predicting the Euro will rise. Then choose 1:100 leverage, wait for the Euro to climb 1% and you just earned $300 profit from a 1% rise in currency. Your capital is now $600. Step 2: You diversify your next investment, invest all $600 on Gold with 1:100 leverage, predicting the price will rise due to a falling USD. Gold went up and you now have $1,200. Step 3: You wait a day, then take out a $300 short position on EUR/USD with 1:100 leverage, meaning you now predict the Euro will fall. You take profit after a 1% decrease, and cash in another $300. Your capital is now $1,500. I don’t recommend trying this without first understanding the basics. But learning the basics is very simple. Either discuss the business with an account manager on the site you’ve signed up with, or do a few Google searches and learn all you need on your own. The whole process shouldn’t take more than a few hours to a few days. It’s not rocket science. If you’re committed, you can’t fail.”

As we’ve tried to present in this article, even part-time financial trading can be a successful way to supplement your income, no matter what your schedule. So even if you work full time or already hold a part-time job, you will always be able to find the time to take a bite of this highly profitable market. You also don’t need a degree or even a knack for numbers. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done in life or where you’ve been. All that matters is what you do next and what you want to achieve.


Can you lose money? If you’re impulsive, emotionally unstable and begin trading without learning how to “nail” the market, yes, you can lose. But if you follow the basic steps, start slow and avoid taking irresponsible risks, you should soon be quite skilled at trading. Remember, if anyone and everyone is doing it, so can you.

How can you get started?

First, find an online broker you’re comfortable with. Sign up for free just to get your foot in the door and once you do, you will most likely receive a phone call within 24-48 hours explaining the next step. In any case, especially for beginners, don’t pass up on any of the standard benefits, including phone consultations, success tutoring and especially free member access to the broker’s financial education center. From there you’ll see your learning curve accelerate and you will shortly have the skill and knowledge you need to begin trading. Good luck!