Investing in Your Future: The Power of Online Trading with EU Capital

EU Capital is an online trading company that has been a pillar of the industry for the last decade. They feature a first-rate trading platform while also providing their clients low cost trading. Traders get the benefit of trading in forex, stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and CFDs. With a wealth of trading tools at their fingertips and the ability to first open a free account to access learning materials, new clients will enjoy the EU Capital trading experience.

What Kinds of Accounts Can I Open?

EU Capital offers a number of different account types, each with its own benefits. These accounts include basic, bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and black. Each account holds a minimum deposit amount, with the smallest being two hundred and fifty dollars and the largest being one hundred thousand dollars. While the basic and bronze accounts do not include a welcome bonus, the other account types do, up to 30%.

The different types of accounts also offer different perks. As you get into the gold category and beyond, you get access to special webinars, private sessions with a strategic analyst, and even exclusive position access.

EU Capital Review: What Are the Benefits of Trading with Them?

First, EU Capital offers an online training center where clients can access videos, eBooks, and other courses. These materials are offered free upon signing up. This benefits clients by providing them information about the online trading world and how best to approach it; for clients new to the trading world, this information is invaluable. Each account type also offers daily market news. This information can help traders make crucial decisions and stay current in the market trends.

In addition to the base of knowledge they provide clients, they also guarantee 100% safety and protection when sharing personal information or making payments. In addition to protecting your payments through encryption, it is also incredibly easy to make deposits and withdrawals. Ease of use makes EU Capital stand out. Payments can be made by debit or credit, wire transfer, or electronic cash. Withdrawals from your account are also processed quickly. From the time a request is made, it only takes up to 48 hours to begin processing the request.

In terms of the trading platform, EU Capital offers both desktop and mobile versions. A mobile trading platform means you have the convenience of checking the market all day, every day. Whenever you receive new information on the market, you can make decisions regarding your account accordingly. Data is presented in real time, further helping the trader to maximize the profitability of his trading. In addition, EU Capital supports an award-winning trading platform, making it one of the easiest and overall best out there.

Finally, their customer service is top notch. Each client has access to client support during all market hours. Customer service agents are available to help with any account or trading questions you might have. Customer service can be accessed traditionally via a phone call, online through live chat or email, or even on Facebook.

Is EU Capital a Scam?

Entering the forex trading market can be challenging. After all, what if you find out the company in which you just invested your hard-earned money was actually a scam? So, is EU Capital a scam? With over a decade of activity and tens of thousands of clients, the answer is obviously no. EU Capital offer their clients full transparency as can be viewed on all documentations including the Privacy Policy, Risk Disclosure Policy, and their Conflict of Interest Policy. These legal binding documents alone should make users feel confident in the trustworthiness of the company.

Are There Any Drawbacks I Should Consider?

To offer a complete EU Capital review, drawbacks do need to be considered. Lack of 24/7 support is worth mentioning while some companies do offer around the clock support. But taking in account that the market itself is open only 24/5, this drawback has very few ramifications, if any.

Another issue that may be of interest to traders of certain countries, is that support and service is still offered only in English and German. One could expect an experienced brand like EU Capital to offer more than such a limited language selection.

The last drawback we’ve found is that there is no demo account option. Some trading companies allow for testing the system and learning it before actually jumping in with real money. EU Capital does not offer their clients the opportunity to open a practice account, but prefer to back the trader’s learning phase by supporting them with one on one live guidance and training.

Final Thoughts

EU Capital offers many rewarding and lucrative benefits to its customers. Their platform is user friendly, and they offer fantastic welcome bonuses after opening an account. Opening an account is free, but of course the account will need to be funded in order to trade. But even with a free account, anyone can access the educational materials on the education center. Additionally, depending on how much you fund your account and which account level you begin with, clients may gain access to one-on-one training sessions and webinars that the less prestigious accounts do not benefit from.

Bottom line: EU Capital offers a solid, professional trading experience suited for traders of all levels. Beginner traders can benefit from the high-quality support and personal training, while experienced traders can take advantage of wonderful trading conditions, advanced pricing, the latest tools and indicators and if the rumors are correct, unmatched strategic analyst sessions worth their weight in gold.