MarkeTrading – An Independent Review


Market experts

When you decide to enter the world of online trading, the first thing on your mind should be selecting a reputable trading broker to lead your investment. If you have already looked around the web, you’ve probably noticed the market is filled with multiple service providers that offer traders the world on a plate, but most of them won’t really give you the best trading services you require.

That’s why it’s important for you to choose wisely and lean on a stable broker that has made a name for itself. This is where MarkeTrading gets in the picture, as a trading boutique of market experts, offering an advanced trading platform to invest in multiple assets: Foreign exchange, CFDs, commodities, stocks & shares, ETFs, indices and cryptocurrencies.


Financial analysis

The financial arena is affected by endless parameters and world events that generate a butterfly effect, eventually influencing your trade. The most critical thing you need to realize as an investor, is how to be minded to these movements and handle your investment accordingly. MarkeTrading is an industry leading brokerage the emphasizes the Education part in any investment endeavor. When you learn how to move fluently with market movements, and gain the proper knowledge, you implement smart trading decisions that gradually create positive ROIs.

MarkeTrading enables traders, at any level, to enhance their trading skills and approach the global market with confidence, as they learn to better their performance and understand how this world works, how it can work for them. This broker provides a personal escort by professionals who have a long-time experience with the financial scene. The main idea here is that you are accompanied by high quality education and trading tools, to give you an edge over the market: Video tutorials, eBooks & courses, financial analysis, daily news and alerts, market outlook, calculators and charts – all handed with a suitable care that concentrates on each individual trader. That is the guideline at MarkeTrading, as they direct their customers to maximize their trading potential.


Trading platforms

MarkeTrading enables its investors to get a complete trading formation that is based on a top fintech environment, including a comprehensive customer support system. The Trader Soft trading platform lets you navigate seamlessly as you open/close positions, while maintaining a smooth operation that keeps you in correlation with the markets. You receive real-time price updates on any instrument, as you enjoy a responsive and fast performance – Desktop, Mobile (Android/iOS), Tablet and Crypto adjusted. Traders are exposed to live charts and current data feeds as well as position tracking system, which is supported by a dynamic risk management formation. You can trade on more than 1,000 of the market’s most popular assets, enjoy fast execution on top of a smart activity dashboard, customized layout and integrated signal providers.

All of these elements are crucial to any investment, as you are able to open/close positions according to market’s shifts, and without any setbacks that can sabotage your trade. When keeping up-to-date with market alerts that are prompted by progressive technology, that’s what makes all the difference when you trade online.


6 Account types

MarkeTrading offers 6 account types divided to: Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Black. Each present you with various services and promotions that create a complete package to enhance your overall performance and trading strategy:

  • 24/5 support
  • Market reviews
  • PRO webinars
  • Price alerts
  • Intro sessions with personalized experts
  • Strategic analyst sessions
  • 1:200 leverage
  • Tight/fixed spreads on major assets

Investors can choose the best match for them as per their trading level, experience and financial capabilities, as the minimum deposit amount stands at $250.


The global markets can inhabit lucrative opportunities, there’s no doubt about that, but they can also be extremely risky, if you don’t have the proper guidance and service channels on your side. That is where MarkeTrading stands out above the crowd – with its constant strive to maintain excellency with their customers and provide them an upgraded trading array.

This brokerage invites you to really improve your performance and rely on informed training, so you can strengthen your operation and focus on realizing your potential into profitable returns.

The global markets


Keep this Marketrading review in the back of your head when initiating you online trading operation: this broker leads its service team to equip you with the required tools and knowledge to allow you to engage the financial markets head on, making calculated decisions and adjust your strategy according to rising or falling positions. Here you are given with trading services that are designed to teach you how to become an independent investor, while emphasizing the personal tutoring aspect that is directed to elevate your financial productiveness, on an ongoing basis.