GrandFX Pro review

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If you are looking for a high promotional online trading brokerage, GrandFX Pro is the brand to look close at. This broker offers multiple flexible trading promotions on credit bonuses, which stand out in their appeal, especially for newcomers. Those who are already experienced with the markets will be glad to discover this veteran broker, which includes the sufficient technology and service to allow them to engage fluently with the financial arena.

Grand FX Pro account types

Account types

GrandFX Pro presents a selection of 6 different account types: Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum & Black. There is an offered welcome bonus that is valid from the Silver account (10%) and up, all the way to the Platinum account with a 30% bonus. The minimum deposit amount starts at $250 for the Basic account, which opens diverse options that are designed to strengthen your performance:

  • Elaborated educational center
  • Daily market reviews
  • Pro/live webinars
  • Price alerts
  • Expert intro session
  • Strategic analysts
  • Exclusive position access (Black account)
Grand FX Pro trading platform

Trading platforms

GrandFX Pro offers 2 different trading platforms for traders to execute their financial operation upon, with fast responsivity and in correlation with real-time market movements. Investors are able to follow through a desktop platform and a mobile app, while keeping tight track of their trades close up with influential news and events that prompt market volatility, and potential profits. Both platforms portray a wide range of trading features that provide a full investing experience, leading traders to deepen their practice and efficiency. Traders can follow their open positions in progress, check their account balance and transfer funds without any setbacks, access their trading history and analyze their personal performance, utilize live charts and price indicators that are updated on a second-by-second basis. Also, traders can be assisted by risk management features and rebate plans that make them upgrade their portfolio and minimize losses.

Grand FX Pro Academy

Trading tools & instruments

With GrandFX Pro, traders are able to engage vast financial arenas such as Forex, CFDs, commodities, indices, Stocks and Cryptocurrencies, all offered with competitive spreads and expert assistance, which help investors, at any level, to enhance their trading skills and comprehension. In addition to that this broker presents a detailed online trading academy, through it traders can discover what global movements affect which assets, when do crucial market events take place (economic calendar) and how their impact affects open positions. Additionally, the website offers dynamic charts that track asset prices, together with informative eBooks that train you how to read these charts and adjust your performance accordingly.

The overall trading tools bundle enables smooth transactions, fast withdrawals, advanced trading and instant accessibility to profitable financial assets. 

Grand FX Pro customer support

Customer support

GrandFX Pro offers a 24/5 available support center that is designed both to assist in technical issues and for helping customers improve their execution. Investors can consult with personal account managers and expert analysts to strengthen their trading strategy, and receive tailored account recommendations based on their experience, income and financial objectives.

In conclusion

Keep this GrandFX review in mind, as when you think of which trading brokerage you should sign up to, know that there’s never too much ongoing training and quality educational resources you can utilize to elevate your financial engagement through. Their vast educational center, current technologies and high bonuses on a friend referral make a good platform to warm your trading engines with.