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First off, thanks for stopping by. Based in London, we’ve arrived on the scene to educate the masses in the best ways to go about successful self online investing. Once seen solely as a profession crafted for bankers and the wolves of Wall Street, in recent years self online investing has opened up a new world of opportunities for millions of everyday people, granting them an equal ability to profit from the financial markets. Today, people of all backgrounds take advantage of simple online investing platforms as a lucrative path to earning a second income while some have even put their all in to it, making this revamped industry their full time job.

Therefore, our purpose of posting this site is to help dummies become less dumb on the subject of online investing. Most say ‘knowledge is power’ but when it comes to investing we believe that knowledge is money. If you’re new to online investing, we’re sure you’ll find Trading for Dummies bookmark worthy of your newbie investing needs. We strive to serve as a hub for anyone looking to break into the world of financial markets, focusing on providing rich educational content and high-quality coverage of events that could have large impacts on your financial portfolio.

Blog owners: Colin L. Garfinkle, a veteran financial analyst and professional day trader and financial blogger Ben Graham have over 25 years of combined experience in the global financial markets. Joining forces in 2014, Colin and Ben established Trading for Dummies to serve as a one-stop-shop providing expert financial insight to those seeking it. In their blog, they collaborate with some of the best and brightest in the financial industry, focusing on timely material and educational content for beginner investors. Both share a common love for their family, vacations and beer.

* TFD is not an investment adviser, and the content of the site is not an endorsement to buy or sell any securities. Articles are simply the opinions of the writers.